Cheating Husband’s One Night Stand Results in HPV

He Gave Me HPV: I Want Answers Ellie: I have been married for 23-years.  Last year I found out about a one-night stand my husband had eight years ago. He was never going to tell me and was taking it to his grave.  Unfortunately, it came out last year and I was devastated.  We are […]

Caught Hubby in Bed with Another Man – Did I Make Him Gay?

If by chance you feel you cannot leave him, then be advised that his behavior may never stop and ask yourself if this is something you can deal with. Can you stand the idea of never being able to trust your husband around any of his male friends and associates, or even making love to him? I don’t believe that this marriage doesn’t stand any chance of being fixed.

Can Collaborative Law Make a Divorce Easier?

Collaborative law is a process that is available to any couples, whether married or unmarried, whose relationship has broken down and are facing disputes over plans for any children or anything financial.