My Husband Cheated on Me! Now What Do I Do?

My Husband Cheated on Me!

Discovering that your cheating husband is having a sexual affair during your relationship sucks!

At this point, you’re not just highly upset your husband cheated. You’re extremely pissed off! You’re pissed off with him for the crap he’s deliberately put you through. The lies, the deception, the willingness to keep you in the dark and play you for a fool – it’s all got you ready to snap him in two!

Now, not only are you over the edge, you have to wonder whether you should take a deep breath and try to fix this. For crying out loud, the sacredness of your marriage itself is really in question now.

Was this even an authentic marriage in the first place? Is this really happening?

Oftentimes, upon discovering your husband’s infidelity, the first thing you ask yourself – or those around you – is, “What else did he lie about?”  You’re wondering whether he was ever truly honest with you, if this was first time he had an extramarital affair, and of course, “What the hell was he thinking!?”

Maybe you caught him red-handed, and now he’s begging and pleading for your forgiveness, trying to give you piss poor excuses that “it only happened just this once,” or that he “made a mistake.” Perhaps he still hasn’t come clean, refusing to admit the truth even though you’ve already confirmed your suspicions. If he’s a real dog, he might even be attempting to flip it on you by making you feel guilty of not trusting him in the first place. What a jerk!

Despite your situation, it doesn’t matter, because knowledge is power and you now have the power to dictate the outcome in your best interests. You’re out of the dark, so to speak, and you can make an informed decision to move on- with or without him. Sure, it’ll probably hurt like hell either way, but as with all things, while the memory is there forever, the pain fades with time.

Husband Cheated – What to Do Now

Isolate yourself from your cheating husband – who is honestly the central source of your pain. Allow yourself the opportunity to process, accept and deal with the news of your husband’s sexual affair.  Now is the time to begin purging yourself of the negative emotions and reactions you have. Purging yourself allows you to move through the beginning stages of the healing process.

As you begin to work through these feelings, you start to set the foundation to make logically based decisions about the fate of your marriage, whether to save your marriage after the affair, look into marital counseling, file for separation or divorce him and get a clean break.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your cheating husband, your final decision is yours and yours alone. Even if you sit around when nobody’s around, dwelling on the situation and saying, “I can’t believe he f*cking cheated on me!” just know that it’s all taking you one step closer to closure.

Husband Cheated?