I Cheated on My Wife – WTF Is Wrong With Me?!

Why Did I Cheat on My Wife? I Love Her!

If you’ve cheated on your wife and she knows, chances are so do others.¬†In fact, you might be overwhelmed with¬†people who are more than likely accusing you of being a heartless, selfless bastard who doesn’t care about the impact your actions have had on the woman you love.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You do care – a lot more than others think – and are possibly struggling with how and why things got so bad between you two that you’ve cheated. You’re probably also looking for ways to win her trust back after cheating.

T. Dub Jackson is an experienced relationship writer who specializes in helping men understand their affairs. Here are some choice words for men who are struggling in the aftermath of their infidelity.

I Love My Wife. Why Did I Cheat On Her?

You love your wife. How on earth could you even think about cheating on her? You have probably been asking yourself this question over and over again since the moment it happened. The problem is you aren’t any closer to having an answer for your question than when you first asked. Cheating has little to do with love when it comes right down to it.

To the person you cheated on it might seem as though it has everything to do with love but for you, love was the last thing on your mind when you cheated. So, what were you thinking?

You know that answer to that question more than anyone else. Think back. What was going through your head when you decided that you were going to do the deed with some woman other than your wife?


Did you feel flattered? Many men find the attention of another woman to be extremely flattering. It’s an ego boost like no other. How long has it been since your wife has stroked your ego and made you feel like you were the sexiest hunk of man on the planet? Has it really been that long? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s your wife’s fault and I’m not saying that cheating is OK. I’m just trying to help you figure out why you cheated.

No Strings

Do you feel like you’re handed a “honey do” list every time you walk through the door of your house? Many men do. The other woman promises sex without the strings or the “down side” that goes along with long-term relationships.

Marriage is about working together. Sometimes it feels like your wife expects you to do all the work. You know, that she’s doing work too but sometimes you just wish she wasn’t always riding you about what she thinks you need to be doing. It’s a liberating kind of sex but there is something missing with this kind of sex – especially if you love your wife.

The Heat of the Moment

Has your sexual routine at home become routine? Are you lacking a lot of the heat that was simmering just below the surface when you first married your wife?

The other woman promises something spontaneous and new. That is something you’ve been missing with the woman you love. It doesn’t make you love your wife any less it just kind of wipes all thoughts about anything other than the here and now off your mind.

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