Infidelity Conversation 1: He Doesn’t Apologize Enough for Cheating

“Husband Cheated, but He’s Sick of Apologizing”

You don’t know how many times you need your wayward husband to apologize for cheating on you, but once damn sure isn’t enough. You don’t care if he has to tell you he’s sorry every hour on the hour, but he’s angry and insists he’s apologized more than enough times for his infidelity, and doesn’t feel a need to repeat this.

Most cheating men feel apologies are the first step to reconciliation and are ready to move forward once they’ve issued one. Once they’ve apologized, men also don’t want to drag out the apology, but many women want to talk about what happened and why the apology was necessary to begin with. If a man feels that providing you another apology is a gateway to bringing up the past (something most men hate), then he’ll resist giving one so that he doesn’t have to rehash all the details of his affair once more.

Of course, it’s wise for a cheating husband to apologize to his wife for cheating on her, but ultimately, his actions must speak louder than words. Look for your husband to show that he’s sorry with his actions instead of his sweet apologies. Ways men apologize include helping out more around the house, buying lavish gifts or running errands.

If you feel the need to talk to him about apologizing more often, then simply tell your husband that his apologies serve to assure you of his love for you, and don’t represent a lack of belief in his past ones. Reinforce that you want periodic reassurances of his love to remind you of his love and to show he does care about his infidelity’s impact on you and the relationship.